"Hello, my chiropractic care is something I am proud to tell you about. I have been receiving Chiropractic care since I was 39 years old. I am now 65 years and still rely on my chiropractor to keep me in good health. Not only have I been a patient, but I also worked for a chiropractor many years ago. During that time I brought my 2 children for care. They both still continue to depend on and realize how much it helps you daily. I have fallen several times and have some long-term problems with my back which the doctor took care of me and now Dr. Morgan keeps me adjusted so that I can function well and with no pain. I also know that it helps my overall health. Everything working-muscles, nerves, and blood flow through proper adjusting keeps all my organs functioning and healthy. If I feel anxious or slightly feverish I know an adjustment will help and definitely keep me from going into a full-fledged cold. Chiropractic is a lifestyle because you learn about your body and how important your spinal health is to your mind and body. I know I will continue my care and I feel it is helping to keep me active and healthy."

- Peggy

"I was impressed by the prompt service I received at ACMS. I have received very effective treatment that has made me feel like myself again. I continue my care here because health and wellness are a very important part of my life."

- Amanda

"I am sixty-five years of age. Over the past eight years my range of motion on my right side has declined significantly, right to the point of painful. In order to function, I had developed a routine of ice/heat, mild exercise, stretching, more rigorous exercise, and more stretching. However, this process was consuming ninety to one hundred twenty minutes daily. Even after all this activity, my range of motion was less than adequate. There were days I was unable to perform this routine, due to lack of time only to be even tighter the following day.
I sought help by enrolling in a rehabilitation program at a professional facility. The program consisted of thirteen visits, two hours per visit. It produced minimal results. A year later, I enrolled a second time with the same results.

Obviously frustrated and discouraged I accepted I would live out my existence with this challenge.

One of my co-workers that was well aware of my circumstance talked to me about what her chiropractor was doing for her at the ACMS. It peaked my interest and I made a call immediately and got an appointment the same day. I met Dr. Morgan and was impressed with his professional, gentlemanly, confident demeanor. In spite of his optimism regarding what he could do for my problem, I was somewhat reserved. After four treatments, I was no longer reserved. I had experienced such rapid progress in such a short time. I was affected by Dr. Morgan's "we can do this" attitude.

I am now on my eighth week of treatments and I have ninety percent range of mobility on my right side. I haven’t been this flexible or comfortable in years. The time it takes to warm-up for the day is from 45 to 60 minutes now.

Dr. Morgan is an incredible, efficient, confident practitioner I recommend. Because of what he has done for me, my flexibility, comfort, and attitude regarding my physical health has a bright future, thanks be to God!"

- David

"My name is Lou.

I have been experiencing severe pain levels on and off. I had 2 MRIs and 2 Ultrasounds, and my current diagnosis is Orchialgia. I have been taking medicine for 2 years now without any success.

I met Dr. Morgan 3 months ago and after eight simple x-rays, he found the source of the pain and discomfort in my lower back. Two times a week he treats me with a couple of adjustments and a TENS treatment, my pain level has come down to just mild/moderate. He said my lower back is pinching my L3 and L4 discs, causing unbearable pain.
My thanks to Dr. Morgan for working with me on payments for I have no insurance. Patricia lets me know when to come in and is very friendly and caring. Also, I am taking less medicine now and feel a lot better thanks to Dr. Morgan and the staff at ACMS.

Thank you for taking me on as a patient."

- Lou

"My name is Tracy.

I have been experiencing migraine headaches and discomfort for about 3 years after I had a cyst removed on my brain. I have been taking a lot of medicine for pain, but they only work for 2-3 hours and the pain level comes back along with discomfort.

For three years now, I have been going to ACMS 2 times a week for treatment and adjustments. What I have noticed is I don't rely on pills now; they have helped me wean myself off of pills. I stick with them and God to help with my pain levels.
Today, I am pill free, my headaches are gone and my pain level is minimal. I just want to thank the doctors at ACMS along with Patricia. She is also great with scheduling my appointments."

- Tracy

"I started coming to Dr. Morgan because of pain in my right hip and leg. I was unable to take care of the children in my daycare due to the pain in my hip. Because of the pain on my right side I was leaning all of my weight on my left side so by sticking with regular adjustments my hip pain has subsided and I have improved immensely."

- Patty

"I was miserable due to the pain in my back radiating down into my legs. I couldn't walk very far or even stand through a whole song at church without severe pain. I was in pain for 3 months before I saw my MD. He gave me medication and sent me to therapy. I went to therapy for 3 months with no improvements. I was going to go to a surgeon when someone recommended Dr. Morgan. After 3 adjustments I had relief. I feel normal again. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I would recommend Dr. Morgan to anyone."

- Linda

"I started going to ACMS due to low back pain. I feel better now and am more active after regular chiropractic visits. I like Dr. Morgan better than other chiropractors because he takes the time at each appointment to evaluate my spine and make only the necessary adjustments. Other places I felt like it was more "assembly line", same thing every time."

- Wendy

"Dr. Morgan and his staff are always very warm and welcoming when I came in for my appointments. The office is very clean, neat and professional. Dr. Morgan explained everything in his report of findings so I could understand it, and I am feeling a lot better since I have been coming to the office."

- Jim

"I started coming to Dr. Morgan because I was having back, knee and headache problems. I was impressed on how smart and knowledgeable Dr. Morgan is. He thoroughly explained each x-ray so that I could understand what was going on in my body. I use to get really bad migraine headaches, and they have since gone away. I also have little to no pain anymore in my back and hips since coming to his office. My knee pain is completely gone. I am feeling much better since I started my treatment here.. The staff is always so friendly, and the office is clean and welcoming. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone in pain or for maintenance care."

- Megan

"I love Dr. Morgan’s office! Everyone is helpful and friendly. I have RA and asthma. I came to this center because my orthopedic doctor told me I would have to have a hip replacement when the pain became very severe. I limped and could not stop the pain in my groin and thighs. Dr. Morgan, through manipulation, stretching, heat, and massage therapy stopped the pain. With his knowledge of rehabilitation, I knew I was in good hands. Both doctors are kind and helpful and concerned for their patients' well being. Thanks for caring."

- Romayne

"I ended up at ACMS through a living social deal for a cold laser special. As a dancer I do a lot of wear and tear on my body and at the time I was experiencing chronic pain in my neck, middle and lower back. I've also experience some tendonitis in my left heel and ankle. I also noticed that I was suffering from fatigue and mild to severe headaches on a day to day basis. I was very eager and interested to get pain free. What I love most about Dr. Morgan is that he very personable and makes it a point to really educate his patients about the ins and outs of chiropractic and how it relates to that patient. After a month and a half I am experiencing very little to no pain in any area of my back and less irritation and inflammation in my feet. My headaches are far and few between now and I feel like I have much more energy. I am so glad that I decided to give Chiropractic a chance, more importantly, that I ended up at ACMS. I know I'm in good hands!"

- Jennifer

"I have been seeing Dr. Morgan for less than 3 months now, and couldn't be any more pleased with the results! On more than one occasion I have had sudden, sharp pain in either my back, neck, or shoulders, and Dr. Morgan was able to immediately see me and alleviate the pain naturally! The same goes for migraines! I used to have migraines pretty regularly, now they are few and far between! I see him regularly now, approximately once every other week, and I am extremely happy with the results. I recommend him to anybody looking to improve their health in a natural way!"

- Bob

"I have been involved with medical group practices for more than 30 years and as a traditional “MD” type of person, I had not placed much faith in Chiropractic physicians or their services, the past 30 years. Recently, as a result of a presentation by Dr. Morgan at my local union meeting; I started a regular chiropractic regiment for spinal adjustments at ACMS 621 Chartier Road Suite B Marine City MI. These regiments are spine adjustment sessions with Dr. Morgan, 2 days a week, to adjust my spine, neck and lower back. After the adjustments are finished; I am given a full back and lower spine mechanical massage by a CA. My walking & standing pain is disappearing. Dr. Morgan offices is well organized and you can pick treatment time that work for you. I recommend Dr. Morgan to anyone wanting to eliminate back pain without surgery."

- Colin

"Dr. Morgan is THE BEST! I tell him that after every adjustment! I have been a patient for nearly two (2) months. I initially went because of horrific pain in both knees& was walking with a cane. After a mere three (3) visits, my pain had subsided and the cane was history! Since that day of being set free from suffering, I have continued to follow Dr. Morgan's recommendations. I am thoroughly convinced that I am walking today because of Dr. Morgan! He(and his staff) are like family. He is not only filled with extreme knowledge but, also, with deep compassion. I have referred not only my family and friends, but when I meet a total stranger who is in pain, they are certain to get a prayer and one of Dr. Morgan's business card!"

- Susan

"We LOVE this practice! Tim was previously told he would need additional surgery on his neck(injury) But because of these treatments, no surgery will be needed!! He is practically pain-free now, and has much better range of motion. His severe back spasms now rare. I feel great every time I receive adjustments. Dr Morgan treats all patients like they are family. He cares and educates everyone about how to take the best care of your body. We highly recommend Dr. Morgan to everyone we know."

- Linda and Tim

"I started going to Dr. Morgan when I was 6 months pregnant. I had never received chiropractic care previously, and was simply amazed at how Dr. Morgan was able to make me comfortable during the most uncomfortable months of my life. I am so grateful to have found his practice, and highly recommend to all!"

- Amy

"Before going to see Dr. Morgan, I was suffering from pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders and lower back. I had never seen a Chiropractor before so I was also a little unsure. Dr. Morgan and his staff put my mind at ease and now I have a better range of motion in my neck, no more stiffness, and best of all, I'm pain free in my lower back. I thank Dr. Morgan every time I see him for helping me live a little better every day."

- Ken

"I had a series of car accidents and met Dr. Morgan after a medical doctor told me I needed surgery before he did a scan! I called Dr. Morgan on a Saturday and he made a special trip into the office to see me! After 2 weeks of care I was able to move my head normally, and NO SURGERY! I continue to see Dr. Morgan on a weekly basis and I am a definite advocate for Chiropractic care...even in the hospital I work at as a nurse!"

- Pam

"Dr. Morgan has done wonders for my for my Knees, legs and feet. I have had shin splints and beat up feet for many years and now they are almost completely gone!! I love to run and I couldn’t stop so thanks to Dr. Morgan I can continue pain free! I highly recommend his care if you suffer from any joint or muscle pain when you run."

- Melissa

"Dr. Morgan is the best! My neck was so bad I could not even turn to look over my shoulder. I can now easily turn and look after just 1 week! Thank you!"

- Jane

"I love to play golf. In 2009 I had severe lower back pain and could not swing a golf club. I went to Dr. Morgan and after four visits my pain was gone and I was playing golf. He is dedicated to his profession and also to every person who comes into his business, a true professional."

- Daryl

"I was impressed by the prompt service I received at Dr. Morgan’s office. I have received very effective treatment that has made me feel like myself again. I continue my care here because health and wellness are a very important part of my life."

- Amanda

"I left pain free! Dr. Morgan is unlike any of the chiropractors I have previously been to. I felt immediate improvement throughout my whole spine. The staff is so attentive and caring which was another reason why I wanted to continue my care. I felt like no matter what was going on in my day, I had a smile on my face when I walked in the door."

- Gina


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