Pelvic Wave in Marine City

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Do you suffer from pelvic floor issues in Marine City MI? You are not alone, over 50 million people suffer from pelvic floor issues.

Pelvic Wave is:

  • FDA Cleared
  • Non-surgical
  • Non-invasive
  • Done WITH your clothes on
  • Guaranteed results

What is Pelvic Wave in Marine City MI?

Pelvic Wave is the world’s most effective non-surgical, non-invasive treatment to manage Pelvic Floor issues.

  • Over 80% Effective
  • Thoroughly studied and cleared by the FDA
  • 40+ clinical studies back the science

Conditions we treat

  • Primary Treatment Protocols:
    • Stress Incontinence
    • Urge Incontinence
    • Mixed Incontinence
    • Overactive Bladder
    • Bladder Leakage
  • Other Treatable Conditions:
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Uterine and Vaginal Prolapse
    • Pain
    • Neuromuscular Re-Education
    • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
    • Vaginitis
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Sexual Performance & Enhancement

The Pelvic Wave Difference

An FDA-Cleared bio-electric magnet stimulates tissue up to 4 inches in deep with no skin contact required. 44 pelvic floor clinical studies have been performed backing the science and designated treatment protocols.

  • Rebuilds strength and control of compromised pelvic floor muscles.
  • The contraction is 100% involuntary and is proven to create new neuropathways between the brain and the muscle grouping.
  • This creates long term lasting rehabilitation effects for patients.


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