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If you live an active lifestyle, the last thing you want is back pain keeping you from the activities you enjoy. Whether you're suffering pain due to an old sports injury, workplace accident, or chronic condition, chiropractic care can help with pain relief. By scheduling a visit to Dr. Aaferti Elra Morgan in Marine City, you can learn more about chiropractic care and how it can benefit you. We offer the following services in Marine City for individuals suffering from musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

Chiropractic Techniques and Therapies in Marine City

Our Marine City chiropractor has ample experience treating pain and discomfort from musculoskeletal issues. We treat patients of all ages and walks of life, including teens, seniors, and pregnant women. We utilize a combination of chiropractic techniques and natural therapies in our treatments to include:

  • Spinal Manipulation/Adjustments: corrects misalignments in your spine that may be causing neck or back pain and restores balance to your musculoskeletal system so your body can heal.
  • Spinal Decompression: removes pressure from spinal discs and nerves to alleviate pain caused by sciatica, herniated discs, worn joints, and chronic spinal conditions.
  • Cold Laser Therapy: alleviates pain and inflammation and promotes quicker repair of damaged tissues.
  • Muscle Stimulation Therapy (E-Stim): utilizes electrical stimulation to reduce pain, relieve muscle spasms, and help prevent muscle atrophy after an injury.
  • Myofascial Release: relaxes contracted muscles, improves blood flow, and stimulates the stretch reflex within muscles to prevent muscle strains and tears.
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound: helps reduce pain and inflammation of musculoskeletal injuries and increases blood circulation to injured areas to promote quicker healing.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: helps manage pain and stress of chronic injuries.

Corrective Exercises

Stretching and strengthening exercises play a key role in correcting musculoskeletal issues and promoting natural healing of injuries. Corrective exercises help improve flexibility and mobility. They also strengthen muscles and joints to prevent future injuries. Your Marine City chiropractor will teach you how to do these exercises at home to maximize your treatment.

Lifestyle & Nutritional Advice

We’ll recommend lifestyle and dietary changes that can improve your overall health and keep you healthy in the long term. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet are key to maintaining optimal health and fitness as you grow older. We’ll help you develop healthy living habits that will strengthen your body, increase energy levels, and enhance your immunity, all of which leads to better health and wellness.

See Our Marine City Chiropractor for Pain Relief

If neck or back pain is interfering with the quality of your life, contact your Marine City chiropractor, Dr. Elra Morgan, at (810) 420-0801 for chiropractic pain relief. Chiropractic care provides you with a safe, natural, drug-free means of alleviating pain and discomfort from musculoskeletal injuries.



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